Mother Jones

Experts aren’t too worried about the bitcoin bubble…yet

This doesn’t mean you should rush out and buy cryptocurrency.

Software used to make “life-altering” decisions is no better than random people at predicting recidivism

Researchers at Dartmouth College have found that a computer program widely used by courts to predict an offenders’ risk of reoffending is no more fair or accurate than a bunch of random non-experts who were given the same data and asked to make predictions.

The East Coast is about to get hit by a “bomb cyclone”

Much of the eastern United States has been assaulted by brutally cold temperatures over the last week. And the worst is yet to come.

Here’s what Siri says when New Zealanders ask about sex

“Tell me about menopause.” “Am I at risk of HIV?” “Is it OK to put a jade egg in my vagina?” A team of New Zealand researchers posed these questions and 47 others to digital assistants to determine how effectively Siri et al. could answer questions on sex.